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First, we want to thank-you for booking your 2020 wilderness fishing trip with us.  We know that you have other choices and we appreciate your patronage.

As you can imagine, with the Federal and Provincial Government restrictions on operating non-essential businesses, we are uncertain about our ability to operate our camp for 2020, as we had planned. Given the pace of developments in this current health emergency, we do not know, at this time, if we will be able to open the camp as scheduled, open for a reduced period of time or eventually, have to close the camp for the season.  The health and safety of our staff, customers and nearby community are also paramount, so we must wait to receive further notifications from Government and the medical community before we can open.

We are obviously sensitive to how this uncertainty may be impacting you and your plans, so we wanted to reach out to provide this update.  We will also commit to maintaining contact with you over the coming weeks to provide further updates.

With the completion of construction of our new lodge last year (see below), we were very excited to be able to offer you an enhanced level of service in this upcoming year.

Right now, the government has specifically not included outfitting camps in the plan to reopen the economy, although we understand that this is now under reconsideration. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that we will be open for June, as planned.  If we are able to open, even for a reduced operation season, we may have some restrictions how we operate to ensure everyone stays safe.  As soon as we know more, we will be in touch with all of you.

Some of you may need to make a decision about your trip soon, and unfortunately, a few parties have already had to cancel for this year.  Those who have cancelled, have asked and we have agreed, to leave their deposit on account with us to book for next year and we want to offer this opportunity to all of our clients, who have booked for 2020.

On this basis, if you feel that you need to cancel before we know our operating schedule, we would hold your deposit on account, and offer you the opportunity to book the same dates for next season at the same price, or to book dates later in this season, subject to availability, in anticipation that the restrictions will be lifted.

If you have any questions please respond by return email or call Terry Helary @ 306-425-4774.

Churchill River Voyageur Lodge