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General Guidelines

  • Gatherings are limited to a maximum of 15 people indoors and 30 people outdoors.
  • Physical distancing must be observed between staff and guests at all times.
  • Handshaking or hugging, between guests and staff is not allowed.
  • Shore lunches will not be prepared and served by the guides as usual.
  • Guests can prepackage a lunch and guides will accommodate a shore break from fishing.

Travel to and from the Camp

  • International guests must complete 14 days of self-isolation prior to coming to camp.
  • Guests or staff who are sick or symptomatic must stay home.
  • Guests must report an illness while at camp and they will be isolated in a separate cabin, while we seek further direction from public health officials.
  • Staff must have an absence of symptoms prior to coming to the camp each day.

Use of Camp Facilities

  • Camp manager will organize cabins – goal to keep occupants per cabin at less than 6.
  • Guests will be required to prepare meals and eat in their own cabin(s) or outdoors.
  • Families or large groups can prepare meals and eat as a group, preferably outdoors.
  • The lodge will be temporarily closed to small groups to prevent close contact mingling.
  • The lodge may be available for families or groups who book the entire camp as long as the gatherings indoors remain at 15 or fewer people.
  • Use of the decks and campfire are permitted – physical distancing must be maintained.

Personal Hygiene and Cleaning in Camp Facilities

  • Frequent and effective handwashing is encouraged for all camp occupants.
  • Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing will be done in cabins prior to guests arriving.
  • Housecleaning staff will limit entry into cabins to once per day to clean and sanitize.
  • Wash cloths and towels will be provided – to be used for the duration of your stay.
  • Cabins and washrooms will have hand soap, paper towels and hand sanitizer available.
  • Washrooms and showers will be cleaned and disinfected for arrival and once each day.

Guides, Fishing and Shore Lunches

  • Guides will be assigned to the same client group for the entire duration of their stay.
  • Guides will maintain appropriate physical distancing while interacting with clients.
  • Guides will be supplied with masks at the request of the occupants of their boat.
  • The number of guests per boat will be limited to four or less.
  • Guided groups, other than family units or common groups will be kept separate.
  • Boats will be cleaned daily and gunwales and seats in the boat will be disinfected daily.
  • Only guides are permitted to use fish filleting equipment and tables and fish net.